11 months old (photos)

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i’m about a week late on this post and i don’t have much time to write! i’ll sum up this past month by saying…

olivia loves to dance and is especially a fan of beyonce (which is totally random). she loves to eat anything and everything we give her. she’s got six teeth now. she’s taking 4-5 steps on her own here and there, but still not quite walking. her latest tricks are to clap, give high five and wave bye bye. she still hasn’t said mommy/mama/mom yet which is pretty much killing me 😛 and she’ll be 1 in a just a few weeks! enjoy the photos!

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8 months old (photos & video)

Just want to eat them up !!!

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food, food and more food. olivia’s eating habits have rapidly changed. at 6 months we introduced baby food and she maybe ate a half portion once a day for the whole month. at 7 months, she was much more interested in baby food and began eating a full portion 3 times a day. by 7 1/2 months, she was eating a large portion plus a finger food (whole peas, carrots, green beans, bananas, avocado). by the end of the month, she is basically refusing to be spoon fed at all, has zero interest in baby foods and only wants bite sized portions that she can feed herself. she is just too cute with her little independence (see video below).

other than olivia becoming a little foodie, she is sitting very well on her own and crawling very well. in fact she likes obstacle courses and to go over and under…

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6 months old (photos & videos)

That’s my girl

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i’ve heard it and said it a million times…these kids grow up so fast. i can’t believe it’s already been 6 months. with jake i was so excited to get to the next stage and i couldn’t wait for him to crawl, sit up, feed himself, etc. this time around i didn’t want to do that. i wanted olivia to be a baby as long as i could stretch it out. but it seems she’s just gone ahead and grown up too fast anyway!

she’s just to the breaking point of being able to crawl. she can actually get from point a to b pretty quickly. in fact, we’ve had to put up a baby gate in her room already. but she hasn’t figured out the hand and knee coordination just yet. i think she’ll be officially crawling this coming month. one silly thing she does (see the pics below)…

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